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foundational frameworks core 1 may 10 (Cohort E) CORE 1: Foundational Frameworks - HED- May 2021 is a Course

(Cohort E) CORE 1: Foundational Frameworks - HED- May 2021

Starts May 10, 2021

$335 Enroll

Full course description

In this course, participants will explore the impact of technology on student learning and how Canvas can help educators improve student achievement, motivation, and engagement.  As faculty begin to look at infusing their instruction with technology, the use of an instructional framework can help provide a compelling why and a research-based foundation. Technology models (such as SAMR, TPACK, TIM and Bloom’s Taxonomy) can be used to examine how digital tools can enhance teaching and learning and can help guide educators through a logical progression of meaningful technology use.

This is the first course in the progression. Participants who start here will be a part of Cohort E, starting May 10.